Anonymous said: jill you kill enemies FABULOUSLY how do you manage to stay so pretty

Thank you.

I take the time to take care of myself, that’s really all. There’s no secret skins creams made from rare Dead Sea extracts or anything.


Anonymous said: What about eye colour har colour height and muscles on a man?

Uhh, I tend to go for guys that are bigger than me… six feet, maybe, and muscular. As for hair and eye color, it doesn’t much matter.

Isn’t this a little bit of an odd question?


Anonymous said: Have you ever met or spoken to Leon Kennedy? I know you won't have seen much of the guy, but what's your opinion on him?

I’ve heard of him but never directly met him. From what I do know, he’s good at what he does and has written post-incident reports that have helped the BSAA a good deal.


Anonymous said: Jill,what kind of male haircut do you find atractive?

Shorter hair is usually more attractive, I think it gives a cleaner look.


Anonymous said: What happened after Racoon incident.Where did you go?

It had already been worked out that Chris was supposed to go ahead and set things up at the safehouse in Europe. Barry was in the process of moving his family to Canada (and got back just in time to save my life) while Rebecca wasn’t even sure if she wanted to go on this wild goose chase, so I was the logical choice to hold down the fort in Raccoon. Then the outbreak happened.

After I escaped, I said my goodbyes to Carlos, got his contact information, and caught a plane to Europe along with Barry to hopefully catch up with Chris. By the time we got there, the safehouse was abandoned, but his S.T.A.R.S. knife was on the floor. Simple, but clever— anyone who had come after him already knew who he was and would assume he dropped the knife in his haste, but any of us would know to take it as a sign of him being alive but moved.

We spent a couple weeks tracking him down— asking around, following up on suspicious newspaper leads, but we eventually did find him and started working together to take down Umbrella. Rebecca gave us what help she could over phone and e-mail, but I can understand not wanting to run all over the continent fighting a megacorporation.


Anonymous said: What happened after the mansion incident

Chris, Barry, Rebecca, and I came back to the police station and immediately went to tell Irons about what happened. Chris and Barry had to swap off letting me lean on them, my leg was torn up pretty badly from the Tyrant fight. 

But Irons didn’t believe us. Chris started yelling, Rebecca started crying, and Barry put in a few words before falling silent. I think I did some yelling too, after laying out the cold hard facts didn’t work. But some time later (two hours, maybe?) we finally accepted that no one was gonna believe us if the Chief of Police thought we were crazy. And of course, the “Captain” of a squad of so-called nutjobs just suddenly disappearing… that didn’t look good. The hole in Rebecca’s Kevlar vest at least proved Wesker had hostile intent and got us off the hook as murder suspects.

After that, we got treatment at the hospital. I ended up giving Rebecca both a ride there and a ride back to her place— I think she said she took the bus normally, but I didn’t question too much. After that I went home, took a shower, and crashed.

The rest is history— Chris’ investigation that he eventually let the rest of us in on, going to Europe, and so on.


Anonymous said: Hello Jill. Would you ever consider a relationship with a 25 year old guy? I'm white

Well, it depends what kind of person you are. So far, you haven’t said anything that would lead me to say ‘no’. Although I suspect I’d never hear the end of it from Chris if I started dating someone younger.


Anonymous said: Still haven't got that sandwich - Barry

If I ever get sent out to Canada, I promise to take you to a cafe with good sandwiches. Deal?


Anonymous said: wedges would help its like wearing flats isnt it? - cherise

Yes, I do like wedges. They have to be cute, though, and the ones I usually see aren’t always my taste.


Anonymous said: heels or flats? - cherise

You’re comparing apples and oranges. Most times, flats, because they’re practical, but heels make me looks and feel good so I’ll wear them on occasion to formal events.

Still, I don’t do large heels I can’t run in if an emergency comes up.

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